Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Shop Girls Planning Weddings- Cassie

I am in an interesting situation. I am a flower shop owner. We do daily orders and deliveries with fresh and artificial flowers, and weddings! I currently have two girls working for me that are both engaged! They have very different stories. One has been with her fiancee for years and just waiting for the day he decided to buy the ring. The other is a very new relationship with a twist. This has made for quite contrasting conversations in the shop as they talk about the day they have been dreaming of. Here is a look into the lives of flower shop girls planning weddings in polar ways...


Almost 2 years ago I was boarding a plane heading to Australia to spend a year abroad
working and traveling. Before I left everyone told me I was going to meet a guy while I
was there and never come home. I would always just laugh it off because that wasn’t the “plan” of the “goal” of the trip. I had always wanted to visit Australia and there was nothing stoping me at this time in my life so I packed a bag and was off to work at Daydream Island, a tiny island in Queensland. One week later I met a guy...

Jump ahead a year and a half and he is visiting me at home and we are engaged. I never could have expected anything like this to happen so fast, but I guess when it’s right it’s right and this is definitely right!!

So now comes the exciting but hard part, planning a wedding and life together when we currently can’t even work in the same country, but when something is too good to turn your back on you can always find a way to make it work. With that being said wedding planning has been a bit different for us, mainly because we have had these extra things to think about like visas, where we are going to live and how to do things legally. As we very quickly found out, there is a lot more to a wedding when citizenship is involved. On top of all that we decided we didn’t want to have a long, drawn out engagement and we had 4 months before my fianc├ęs visa was up, so the countdown began. From our days spent traveling across Australia and living in a tent through intense heat, ice cold nights and rain storms we quickly developed the ability to cope together with what we had at hand and learn’t we are generally always on the same page, thankfully this was also true when it came to what we wanted for our wedding. This definitely made planning a wedding in a few months much easier.

We want to keep it very small, with just family and close friends and we wanted the reception to feel more like a family get together. We aren’t having a traditional DJ/party type reception, we are focusing more on a big family dinner, with a 40 foot long table to keep the intimate family feel. So this went hand in hand with lawn games and a relaxed hangout type atmosphere. We put together our own playlists for each part of the night and will have them playing in the background throughout the night! Our main goal is to have the night just be a wonderful night with the people we are closest to. We have heard from so many people that your entire wedding day is a blur and you don't even remember it, we really wanted it to be a night we truly remember and fully enjoy, so we are keeping it small, intimate and simple.

I will say working in the industry has helped us keep things simple. Not only do we have flowers covered, but working with a florist you meet a lot of other people in the industry so I went into this whole planning thing with an idea of who we wanted to work with. I am also a pastry chef so we are having one of my close friends and fellow pastry chefs make our cake and another close friend is a photographer so we are having her do our photography. One of my top tips is to choose a photographer you feel comfortable with, they are the only vendor that will be with you almost all day. The hardest thing to decide on was the venue. We were after a specific look, which included trees and green, which can be a challenge in Arizona. We also found that a lot of venues want to cater to larger events and we were going to be charged for at least 50 people even though we were planning to have around 35. We did eventually find the perfect place which is a very casual and outdoors so it is perfect for our laid back, family gathering. Everything has seemed to come together just as it was meant to and now the day is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. I am looking forward to all the family and friends we have coming into town and I’m glad we got everything taken care of ahead of time so we can enjoy time with everyone while they are here. Another good tip, don’t expect everything to go perfectly, whether you are having a big gathering, an intimate dinner or even eloping something will most likely go wrong at some point. Just remember don’t stress the small stuff and have fun! It will get stressful but don’t let that take over, focus on all the fun and enjoy every minute of it!

Twelve days after the wedding we will hop on a plane back to Australia. In those 12 days we will be rushing to get my name changed on all my documents, including a rushed passport, stuffing as much as I can into 3 suitcases, because I stole one of his, and saying our farewells to family and friends. When we get back to Australia we are doing a small ceremony and dinner with his family who couldn’t make it here and then it’s back to reality. I will apply for my permanent resident visa and we plan to stay as long as it takes to gain citizenship. During this time he will apply for his green card, then we plan to come back to the US to get his citizenship. We still have a long way to go, but as I said before when something is to good to turn your back on you can always find a way to make it work, and that is just what we plan to do together!

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