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Shop Girls Planning Weddings-Jessica

I am in an interesting situation. I am a flower shop owner. We do daily orders and deliveries with fresh and artificial flowers, and weddings! I currently have two girls working for me that are both engaged! They have very different stories. One has been with her fiancee for years and just waiting for the day he decided to buy the ring. The other is a very new relationship with a twist. This has made for quite contrasting conversations in the shop as they talk about the day they have been dreaming of. Here is a look into the lives of flower shop girls planning weddings in polar ways...


This blog post might be a little strange, odd and unusual because honestly there aren’t many out there like this. So here it goes.

This is coming from a bride that works in the Wedding Industry. Crazy right?!

Let me just say first off how unbelievably thankful I am to have the experience that I do. Wedding Planning can be a real nightmare and quite frankly overwhelming for many people. Except for those few that know what they are generally doing(and trust me I don't know it all!).

First up: Bridal Expos

Forget it! BEYOND overwhelming for me, I can’t even imagine how those feel to a bride that has NO clue where they are doing, what they want, pink or purple, tulle or lace.
Also keep in mind, when I decided to embark on this journey I had a lot already planned. My date was picked, venue booked, photographer booked, florist booked, dress picked and caterer almost booked.

The gist- You are asked 1,000’s of questions by hundreds of vendors; do you have your venue, have you set a date, what dress are you wearing, what underwear are your bridesmaid wearing? Yes, they asked about Underwear. (Special day of underwear for your bridesmaids, I’m sorry but WHY?!) On top of all of that, you have to write your info down for each vendor you talk to. Imagine writing your address, phone number, email and wedding date 1,000 times in one day(P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney.. oh wait that wasn't it...)

Among those vendor questions are your own- Are these the best vendors, where does my information go, how many pieces of paper can one person get in a day!
Oh yes then the organizers of the Expo give your info to alllll those vendors that participated, you know what that means, EMAILS! Be prepared to quit your job and take on your inbox fully. Also, remember all that paper I talked about earlier- yea it is still sitting in a free bridal bag under my desk. I’ll get to it in like 2 years I’m sure.

My advice- make address labels with your info on it(Name, email, address, phone number, wedding date) That way you just have to stick one of those on their form and move on. (your writing hand will thank me later.) Create a separate wedding email, Your welcome. That way all of the emails you get from caterers, and dress shops, DJ's and Photobooths are all in one spot and not in your personal email.
If you are a person that overwhelms easily, or gets stressed easily, don’t go. I know this event is usually on a bride’s check off list. If you feel you can take it on, go for it! (they usually have a bar, hit that up first then walk around until you find the free cake)

Please know that you will not plan your ENTIRE wedding in a day at an expo with 15,000 other people. It’s just not realistic and that's ok! Don’t feel like you have to do it in that one day, no one’s that perfect. But like I said, it was on my check off list so I took my girls and we went. Cake sucked, the bar was expensive, and it was hot as crap but I got to see what it was like on the other side. We just walked around, looked at the crazy brides, got some inspiration and laughed as we checked it off the list.

This is just one of the many activities I have done so far as a bride. Lots more to come.
Who's on Second: Vendor Consultations
Who's on Third: Flowers

Stay tuned ;)

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